Thursday, January 21, 2016

January OwlCrate! See What's Inside!

Hello, Minions! My January OwlCrate arrived today, and as usual, I'd like to share with you what was inside. This months's theme was MAGIC. I did NOT guess the book this time AND it's a book I don't already have, so YAY, another win for OwlCrate! So far, they've been pretty good with their selections and I've had fair warning with the monthly theme. Want to see what I got?

This month's box was PACKED with goodies!

The book inside was Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Coakley. With it came a note from the author and an adorable paper doll set.

As for the bookish goodies:

A full-sized Ron Weasley POP figure from Funko, a Harry Potter Patronus Lip Balm from Geek Fire Labs (I will definitely be going back to check out more from them!), a Raven Boys bookmark and a Throne of Glass art print by Evie Bookish, an eBook (A Knot in the Grain by Robin McKinley) and a totally frameable OwlCrate card describing what's in the box.

Check out the Lip Balm! Geek Fire Labs has all kinds of cool products like this!

 A monthly subscription to OwlCrate is $29.99 a month plus shipping. They've already announced the theme for next month's box . . . SCI-FI LOVE! 

Hmm . . . I wonder what the book will be? I just have to avoid buying any books with that possible theme until next month. I figure that even if, for some reason, the book they pick is one I already own (bought or received as an ARC), I can just do a giveaway for it and keep the other bookish goodies.

If you're interested, check out OwlCrate at . If you get on the waiting list for the February Box, they'll send you an email letting you know when they're available for sale.  When you get that email, ACT FAST! They sell out quickly! You can also follow them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

I REALLY love OwlCrate!

<3 Michelle


  1. Oooo, lots of cool goodies!! And the books sound divine! Happy reading to you!

  2. Ooh a Ron Weasley! I get so jealous with these Owl Crates!

  3. This months one looks awesome. I adore that ToG art print and the POP figure!

  4. Cool lip balm! And I do need to collect the HP Pop figures, especially Ron! Now I didn't really enjoy that book too much, it was only okay. But you might enjoy it more! Fun Owlcrate!