Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! is a weekly feature hosted by Bookjourney to share what we've been reading and what we plan to read next.

Well, last Monday I had no It's Monday! post because I woke up to my son puking all over the place. The whole day was a wash (and a scrub and a yuck!). It was kind of a weird week, so I didn't get as much read as or reviewed as I wanted to. I'm hoping that I can catch up a bit in the beginning of this week. I have to work a lot, though, so we'll see. It's my son's 4th birthday on Friday and we have all kinds of birthday fun going on over the weekend. Hopefully, I have time to finish what I'm currently reading and fit in some other books. I'm SO behind!! Next week is BEA, so I'm losing more reading time (but gaining lots of books!). I'm still 9 books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, so I'm not worried...yet.

What I read (finished) last week:

Dream a Little Dream (Silber #1) by Kerstin Gier (review to come)

Like I said, not a very productive week. I'm hoping to do better this week. It's already looking better, though.

Currently reading:

The Heir (The Selection #4) by Kiera Cass

Never Never: Part Two by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

What I plan to read next:


Nothing but Shadows (Tales from Shadowhunter Academy #4) 
by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West
(I was going to make Magonia my next book, but I really just wanted something light and fun)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer
(FINALLY. I'm hoping to at least have this started by the weekend.)

What are you reading this week?

<3 Michelle


  1. Nothing wrong with having a quiet week. Loved The Heir!!!!! I have the first Never Never but I haven't read it yet. I'm planning on soon. I've heard nothing but good things. Did you enjoy Dream a little dream? Happy Reading

    1. Never Never was SO good! It's got a wicked cliffhanger, so you're probably lucky to have waited to read it. I really enjoyed Dream a Little Dream. It's a lovely little book about summoning a demon through dreams. It really is lovely. And about summoning a demon. I'm trying to put my thoughts into words right now. I should have a review posted soon.

  2. I hope your son is feeling better! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Cinder and The Heir...both books I am definitely interested in. Enjoy your books and have a great week!

  3. I hope your son feels better as well! You still read one book which is great! How is Never Never? What do you think of the Shadowhunter Academy? I've read one and listened to the audiobook of the other one. The first novella is okay, I really enjoyed the one with Will.

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  4. Looks like you have a good variety going, as usual! I have heard so many good things about Cinder. Enjoy your books this week!


    Book By Book

  5. Let me know how you liked The Fill-In Boyfriend!!! I can't wait to get my hands on that one!!

  6. I have Never Never Part 1 on my Kindle, and I look forward to reading Fill In Boyfriend. I loved Cinder, but have not read any of the other books in the series, which is beyond crazy. I hope you love it.