Friday, February 27, 2015

Stacking the Shelves & Week in Review 2/28/15

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tynga's Reviews to share what we added to our shelves for the week.

UGH!! I didn't get nearly as much done book wise this week as I wanted to. Have you ever gotten stuck on a book? Well, I did. It took a week and half  to slowly slog through the same book. I should have read 3-5 books and written 2-3 reviews in the time it took me to read this one and post it's review. I'm not one to DNF a book normally, especially if there's nothing horribly wrong with the book but it's just not working for me, so I kept on reading. I figured I spent so much of my time on it, I had to review it. The worst part is, it's a book that a lot of people are raving about. Oh, well. It's over. I've moved on and it felt really good to read 150 pages of my current book in one hour today. 

So, let's get on with this week's haul...


Tin Star (Tin Star #1) by Cecil Castellucci (new in paperback)
Unforgotten (Unremembered #2) by Jessica Brody (new in paperback)
Shadow Study (Study #4) by Maria V. Snyder

I ordered a few more in the beginning of this week, but they haven't gotten here yet :(

For Kindle

Crave the Rose by Karen Kincy
Lion's Share (Wildcats #1) by Rachel Vincent

eARCs from NetGalley

Tangled Webs by Lee Bross
Alive by Chandler Baker
Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

eARCs from Edelweiss

Lock & Mori by Heather W. Petty
Honey Girl by Lisa Freeman

Week in Review

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My Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Badass Ladies of YA Fiction

Review: The Sin Eater's Daughter
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(my only review this week because I got stuck on the above book)

What did you add to your shelves this week?

<3 Michelle


  1. Ooh, these all look great even though most of them are new to me. I havent read The Sin Eaters Daughter. Not sure that I will now.

    Thanks for stopping by my StS.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. A lovely haul, as always! I haven't read any of them yet. Oops! My STS

  3. I am thinking of starting the Unremembered series, hopefully by this year! :) Your cat is adorable and wow 150 pages in an hour is pretty impressive. I hope you enjoy your current book more!

    Check out my Sts here! :)

  4. Fantastic books! I am completely intrigued by Honey Girl…seems like a good summertime read. I also look forward to your thoughts on Every Last Word. Enjoy your books!

  5. OOOh nice!! I LOVED Shadow Study!! Such an amazing read! I love all Maria's books though! And ooooh Unforgotten! That was good! I need to read Unremembered, though I did get that this week!

    Can't wait to read Lion's Share either! I loved Rachel's Shifter series and am beyond happy for a spinoff! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. I need to get started on the Study series because the synopsis literally screams me! I'm also really excited for The Last Good Day of the Year! Almost requested it but I didn't because I need to finish the books that I have already been approved for. Amazing haul, so many beautiful books!

  7. Great haul! I really want to read Lion's Share, Shadow Study and Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls! I hope you enjoy everything :)

  8. Great haul! Every Last Word and Alive both sound really good. Disney Hyperion always has awesome books! I've heard great things about Maria V. Snyder's novels. I hope you enjoy your books! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  9. Ooo, Tin Star's cover is so pretty! And I'm considering Tangled Webs and Every Last Word on NetGalley... I should request before they close requests O_O I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I've updated the post :D Have a fabulous week!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  10. I read Tin Star awhile ago and I enjoyed it! I also love the study series! I've banned myself from requested any review book, so i'm trying not to look too hard at what you got from there (so I won't try and request them myself)! Anyway, I hope you enjoy all your new books!

  11. Noooo, you didn't like the Sin Eater's Daughter? So sad, I loved it! I hope the next book you read works better for you! Very nice haul, I am really interested in reading Tangled Webs, Every Last Word, and The Last Good Day of the Year! Hope you enjoy these, and have a great week :)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. I'm pretty bummed that it wasn't such a great experience. I wanted to love it. I did. But, I'm reading The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons and it's AWESOME!

  12. I just can't keep going with a book that I'm not into, not when other booky adventures await! I do need to get better at getting reviews written quicker and posted-I'm so SLOW! Thanks for visiting my blog and happy reading this week!

  13. I still need to get ahold of Unforgotten and read it. Good haul this week. I have heard mixed reviews on The Sin-Eater's Daughter, which actually makes me want to read it even more just to form my own opinion.
    Check out my STS

  14. Great haul! I really need to get my hands on Shadow Study.

  15. Wow, awesome haul! I'm interested in The Last Goodbye of the Year. It sounds so interesting and the cover is hella creepy.

    I'd also love to read Alive (:

    My Stacking the Shelves + Montly Recap here.

    - Nova @ Out of Time

  16. I received Last Good Day of the Year too. I read another book by the author and really loved it. Happy reading!

  17. Great group of books! I hope you enjoy them all. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. So many books! And so many look amazing! I hope you enjoy them all!

  19. Great haul of books! I always end up adding to my wishlist after seeing what you've got.. Sorry to hear you didn't get on with Sin Eater's Daughter, I've got that coming up soon but I've heard so many mixed reviews about it I'm a bit worried now!

    Love your kitty cat, makes me miss mine as I'm away!