Friday, March 18, 2016

Picture Book Review: Cash Kat by Linda Joy Singleton, Illustrated by Christina Wald

Cash Kat by Linda Joy Singleton
Illustrated by Christina Wald
Publisher: Arbordale Publishing

A picture book? Don't I normally review YA books? Well, yes, but there IS a YA connection here, plus, I do have two little Minions of my own who helped with this review.


You may recognize Linda Joy Singleton from her fabulous YA books:

(Above are some of them)

She's also written many MG books, and Cash Kat is her second picture book. Linda very kindly sent me a copy to review (and to read to my Minions).

What is Cash Kat about?

Kat and her Gram Hatter are spending the day at the city park, helping to clean it up. While there, Kat finds herself on a treasure hunt for coins while picking up trash. Along the way, there are many different coins and even a dollar! She learns about the value of each as she puts them away to save up for ice cream later. With each find, Gram also makes Kat a fun new paper hat to wear. By the end of the day, Kat learns far more valuable lessons about generosity and taking care of the environment.

My Thoughts:

Not only is Cash Kat adorable and fun, but it contains lessons that children will enjoy learning. The characters are cute, quirky and amusing and the story is delightful and multi-layered. There is more going on than just looking for money to buy a treat. It teaches coin values, saving money and finally, a lesson in philanthropy. The book teaches, but in a way that is relatable to children. The "treasure hunt" Kat is on for coins is fun and each discovery is exciting. The book also allows interaction as you read it aloud to children. I found that my son was answering back to questions asked in the book and counting the coins as Kat found them. He was laughing at Gram Hatter and pointing out the new hats she was making for Kat. Another thing he liked is that after the story ends there are pages in the back of the book that teach more about money values and helping the environment. There's even a matching game involving coin counting. I also have to mention that he enjoyed the adorable illustrations.

Cash Kat is a PERFECT gift to give to a pre-school or kindergarten aged child, boy or girl. It's both fun and educational.

I'll leave the final verdict to my son:

He says:


and more importanly,


And you can quote him on that!

I think I'll now be reviewing picture books (especially ones with YA connections) occasionally. If you like this idea, please let me know!

<3 Michelle

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