Thursday, October 29, 2015

October OwlCrate Box! See What's Inside!

Hello, Minions! My October OwlCrate arrived a few days ago, and as usual, I'd like to share with you what was inside. This months's theme was SPOOKY (fitting for Halloween). I did NOT guess the book this time and I was very pleasantly surprised. It's a book I don't own, so YAY! So far, they've been pretty good with their selections and I've had fair warning with the monthly theme. Want to see what I got?

The book: A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis. It's perfect for Halloween reading!

Included was a note from the author (above) and a bunch of awesome bookish goodies (below). 

Along with the book there was a poster, an awesome Poe bag, a set of skull erasers, some spooky clip on bookmarks, a regular bookmark and a pouch of scented beads (not pictured above, but in the larger picture with everything in the OwlCrate box). I LOVE the Poe bag! It's my favorite item this month!

 A monthly subscription to OwlCrate is $29.99 a month plus shipping. They've already announced the theme for next month's box . . . MYTHS & LEGENDS. Hmm . . . I wonder what book will be? I just have to avoid buying any books with that possible theme until next month. I figure that even if for some reason the book they pick is one I already own (bought or received as an ARC), I can just do a giveaway for it and keep the other bookish goodies.

If you're interested, check out OwlCrate at . If you get on the waiting list for the  November Box, they'll send you an email letting you know when they're available for sale.  When you get that email, ACT FAST! They sell out quickly! You can also follow them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

I REALLY love OwlCrate!

<3 Michelle


  1. A Madness so Discreet!! I've been hoping to read that!! and I love that Poe bag.. I hope you enjoy reading A Madness so Discreet! :)

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  2. Nice! I hope you enjoy A Madness So Discreet.

  3. WANT! *stamps foot in annoyance and sulks* I always get dead jealous when your Owl Crate arrives!