Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tags:Versatile Blogger & Inspirational Blogger Awards (7 Things About Me Tag)

So, I've been tagged a few times by different bloggers ( Jess Time to Read & Once Untold) for The Liebster Award, The Versatile Blogger Award and the Inspirartional Blogger Award. I'll do them all eventually, but I'm going to start with The Versatile Blogger Award and The Very Inspirational Blogger Award since they have the same rules (but different name). I'll get to the Liebster someday. I do apprecaite that people nominated me! Thanks for thinking of me!

These both have the same rules but they have different names, so this is for both of these.

Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award & Very Inspiring Blogger Award

If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award.
*Thank the person who nominated you.  :)
*Link back to their blog. They'd be ever so grateful!
*Select 15 blogs or bloggers for the award (ones you recently discovered or follow regularly)
*Nominate them for the award (remember to notify them once you do!)
*Lastly, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself. Easy as that!

Seven things about me:

1. I'm ambidextrous. This is actually VERY rare. 

2. I can't see 3D because I'm stereoblind. My eyes get two separate pictures and can't merge the images into one. No 3D Imax for me. It's also very rare. 

3. I'm a Slytherin. I took the official Pottermore test and was sorted into Slytherin.

4. I have "pet" vultures. Yup. Black vultures. They are very sweet :)

5. I love Autumn/Fall. Everything about Fall is amazing. The weather is perfect, the leaves turn beautiful colors, the air smells amazing, it's Halloween time, there are hayrides and pumpkin patches and apple cider...Fall is the best! I miss Fall.

6. I'm a vegetarian. 

7. I LOVE BOOKS!!!! (but you knew that already)

As for who I tag...well, it's late and I tag anyone who wants to tell me 7 things about themselves! I know, lame. But it's late.

<3 Michelle


  1. Wow!! You are a very unique person, Michelle! Very cool! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  2. I love fall time too. Great post Michelle! :)

  3. Vultures, huh? That's kind of freaky, especially since I'm terrified of birds. They always seem to like to attack me for no reason.

  4. I'm a fellow vegetarian as well :) Anyway, I'm curious about the official Pottermore test. I've never checked to see what house I would be placed in, so I'm curious about which one I would be in!