Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stacking the Shelves and Week in Review 1/10/15

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's about sharing what I've added to my shelves this week.

Well, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. The holidays pretty much destroyed me. This week I was able to read a lot more and I got more posts up. Yay, normalcy! 

There was one AMAZING thing that happened this cat Tiger's diabetes went into remission!! Last week he scared us because his blood sugar crashed and he collapsed. He made it through and I took him to the vet this week. He was taken off of his insulin for a few days and when he was checked, he was NORMAL! Tiger is officially OTJ - Off The Juice (insulin). No more insulin shots! WOO HOO!!!! It took him a little over a year to kick diabetes' ass!!

Anyway, here's what I added to my shelves this week:


This Shattered World (Starbound #2) by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

I've already read it, but I need to own a copy. I know I'll be re-reading it before book #3 is released. Hopefully I'll have a review up soon.

The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark
Save Me by Jenny Elliott
Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen
Alienated by Melissa Landers (paperback)

Kindle eBooks

Existence by Abbi Glines (free)
Twin Roses by Sarah Cross ($1.99)
Endings by Norman Christoff (free)

eARCs from NetGalley and Edelweiss


Positively Beautiful by Wendy Mills
Three Day Summer by Sarvenaz Tash
Between Now and Never by Laura Johnston
Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein
Of Shadow and Stone by Michelle Muto
The Blondes by Emily Schultz

Week in Review:

My Waiting on Wednesday: Reawakened by Colleen Houck

Review: Zodiac by Romina Russell
(click on book cover)

Cover Reveal: Beware the Little White Rabbit
(click cover)

What did you add to your shelves this week?

<3 Michelle


  1. A lot of great and awesome looking books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. I really have to get on Starbound! I have an ARC of the first and second books! LOL! Never read them, obviously. I can't wait for Invaded (Alienated #2). I wish it was up on NG or EW! I got copies of The Start of Me and You and Positively Beautiful. I'm looking forward to them. And I keep seeing Becoming Jinn. I need to go take a look at that! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. The Starbound series is SO good! Love everything about them. I was pretty happy to see Becoming Kinney available. I hope I get to it many books to read!!!

  3. That's great news about your cat, and I loved his little debut in your pic of This Shattered World which I'm excited to read by the way! I didn't get any books this week because of my huge christmas book haul ahah

    Most recent post:

  4. I loved This Shattered World, Alienated, Zodiac! Lots of great YA scifi. And I also have Becoming Jinn! I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. After reading Zodiac I realized that I need more sci-fi in my life. I can't wait to read Alienated! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Great books! Hope you enjoy them!

  6. Yay!! 'm glad your cat is going to get better :D I haven't read This Shattered World yet, I hope you like it! Yay!! I hope you enjoy Becoming Jinn and The Start of Me and You. :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

  7. Existence was amazing! It's one of the first books by Abbi Glines that I read and I love it so much. Hope you enjoy it and the rest of your books!

    My STS:

    1. I'm excited to read Existence. I haven't read any Abbi Glines yet, but I've really wanted to.

  8. OOoh nice! I really enjoyed the Existence trilogy! Such a fun Paranormal NA series! Wish Abbi would write more paranormal! Happy Reading!

    Thanks for visiting my STS!

  9. You've got a lot of nice books this week. I still need to read These Broken Stars. I'm next on the waiting list at my library. LoL I've been on that list for like a month now. I'm hoping that's a good sign.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  10. I loved Alienated. Can't wait for the sequel! Have a great week!

  11. Great haul! I really want to read The Boy Next Door and Save Me, they both look really good :)

  12. Awesome books! I am dying to read The Start of Me and You! I also need to finish This Shattered World…I put it down and haven't picked it back up yet…which is strange since I loved These Broken Stars. Enjoy your books!

  13. I did the same as you, ordered This Shattered World, even though I'd read it, just so I could own it. I need that beauty on my shelf. It arrived a few days ago and I can't stop staring at the cover. I'm really looking forward to reading The Start of Me and You. It looks so good. I hope you enjoy them all :)

  14. First of all: GORGEOUS cat ♥ And second: gorgeous haul :D I still need to read Alienated, Zodiac AND These Broken Stars, but I am planning on doing so soon! I hope you enjoy ALL these pretties ^^ happy reading!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews