Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday: Duplicity by N.K. Traver

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I can't wait to read....

Duplicity by N.K. Traver

Publication date: March 17th, 2015
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Goodreads link: (click here)

Description from Goodreads:

A computer-hacking teen. The girl who wants to save him. And a rogue mirror reflection that might be the death of them both.

In private, seventeen-year-old Brandon hacks bank accounts just for the thrill of it. In public, he looks like any other tattooed bad boy with a fast car and devil-may-care attitude. He should know: he’s worked hard to maintain that façade. With inattentive parents who move constantly from city to city, he’s learned not to get tangled up in things like friends and relationships. So he’ll just keep living like a machine, all gears and wires.

Then two things shatter his carefully-built image: Emma, the kind, stubborn girl who insists on looking beneath the surface – and the small matter of a mirror reflection that starts moving by itself. Not only does Brandon’s reflection have a mind of its own, but it seems to be grooming him for something—washing the dye from his hair, yanking out his piercings, swapping his black shirts for … pastels. Then it tells him: it thinks it can live his life better, and it’s preparing to trade places.

And when it pulls Brandon through the looking-glass, not only will he need all his ill-gotten hacking skills to escape, but he’s going to have to face some hard truths about who he’s become. Otherwise he’ll be stuck in a digital hell until he’s old and gray, and no one will even know he's gone.

Huffington Post lists N.K. Traver's Duplicity as part of one of the great YA book trends to look for in 2015!

Why I'm excited:

This sounds awesome. It's a trip through the looking-glass with action and a cyber twist. I haven't seen anything like this, so I'm definitely intrigued. From the early reviews I'm seeing that it's a great, action-packed mystery that will keep you guessing. I love books that keep me on my toes. I've been able to guess the twists in a lot of books lately, so I sure hope this one stumps and surprises me. 

I also love the idea of an evil mirror image....

What are you waiting to read?

<3 Michelle


  1. Sounds edgy. Would like to read this one as well. Great pick!

    Here's my Wednesday post.

  2. Very intriguing. I really like the premise. Hopefully you love it:)
    Monique @ Mo_Books

  3. Just saw this one the other day and it does sound like an interesting one.
    Check out my WOW

  4. This one does sound really intriguing. I hope you enjoy it.. Here's mine

    Also, I still have my $30 giveaway going on.

  5. Wow, I had not heard of this one yet! Great retelling twist! I am definitely intrigued... thanks for the rec :)

    1. Sounds like I picked a good one this week! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. NIce pick! This is new to me and sounds pretty awesome…very unique and like you said, the cyber aspect of the story sounds pretty cool!

  7. That gif looks so painful, haha. Also, he just got so many years back luck!

    On another note, this book sounds really cool. It also led me to looking up The Huffington Post's YA Trends of 2015. I'm totally down with reading more Crime & Con books (LOVE Holly Black's Curseworkers series). Great pick, Michelle! Adding to goodreads :)

    1. I always want to find the perfect gif for each book on Wednesdays. :)

      Another book to look out for if you like crime themed books is Hold Me Like A Breath by Tiffany Schmidt. It's being compared to the Curseworkers series. :)

  8. And now I'm super excited! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I added it to my TBR shelf. Duplicity sounds awesome; the cover is multilayered and beautiful and the synopsis intrigues me so much. I can't wait for March!

    Henna @ Howling for Books

    1. I really try to pick books for WoW that are unique or that people may not have heard of. I usually start my search on Monday, lol. I'm glad I could bring this to more people's attention. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Yeah I definitely need to know more about evil mirrors! Something about your reflection betraying you is fascinating. I just read Don't Look Back by JLA and I LOVED the scenes with her mirror.

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  10. Ooh this sounds very interesting! I've never seen it before but I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!